The Original Hair Bungee

NEW Hair Bungee Silicone Range Launched...

Hair Bungee Re-Designed...
The new Session Master silicone range from Hair Bungee® provides maximum hold when tension is applied, yet glides from the hair when released. The new range also incorporates a new hook design making Hair Bungee the most advanced hair band available. It's also the first (and only) to be eco-friendly.

Why Silicone?
Silicone has many advantages over traditional material based hair bands. It requires less tension to create a firm hold so there's minimal stress on the hair and scalp. In fact the hair is actually repelled from the silicone when released, meaning it wont matt or tangle, so no more tearing from the scalp.

New Micro Hook Design
The new micro hook has been designed to hold more hair and sit with a lower profile. Made with the finest diameter possible (1mm) it's half the size of its competitors. The shortened shaft and wider gape gathers more hair for a secure hold, is less detectable and easier to integrate when styling.


Get Hooked on Hair Bungee!


Fed up with using packs of bobby pins and multiple hair bands to create the latest celebrity red carpet or catwalk hairstyles?

Unlike regular shaped hair elastics, Hair Bungees are a single piece of specialised elastic with hooks on both ends. You simply hook one end of the bungee into your hair, wrap around the ponytail and fasten with the other hook. A simple and effective concept in one unique product!

Hair Bungee lets you wrap & unwrap your hair without pulling or tugging; just one of the reasons why it is favoured among many of the world's leading celebrity hair & makeup artists.
Hair Bungee is ideal for:

  • Creating up-styles
  • Achieving smooth & sleek natural ponytails
  • Creating polished hairstyles with minimal effort
  • Thick, curly or unruly hair

An essential tool in any hairdressers' kit, hair bungee is the ideal accessory for creating up dos, sleek, polished ponytails, controlling thick, curly or unruly hair easily or creating a more unconventional hairstyle!
Why They're Hooked on the Hair Bungee:

KEVIN MURPHY - Celebrity hair stylist.
"I love the hair bungee because it results in a really tight ponytail but puts no stress on the hair. It's the only way to get the perfect pony every time with no snags or bumps."

SHARON BLAIN – 2009 Excellence in Hairdressing Education winner & owner, The Art of Hair.
"What I love about hair bungees is feeling challenged by how else the product can be used apart from doing fantastic ponytails. I love creating exciting interesting shapes not using 20 bobby pins but using hair bungees instead. They have lots of different application and uses."

JANELLE JOPPICH – Senior Stylist, The Art of Hair.
"I think Bungees are fantastic. They are really quick and easy-to-use. They don't pull the hair apart and I love that you can play with the direction you put them in. They are also fantastic to remove – quick and easy without ripping hair out. Clients love them! There's nothing else on the market like them. They're also great from a creative perspective and showing them off. I've used them in contrast to the hair to make a feature of them."